Who we are?

We are a rallying platform for all Ugandans to embrace their desired destiny through exercise of power enshrined under article (1) of the Ugandan constitution

What we do?

We mass mobilize Ugandans into action that ensure peaceful transition of power from the current regime to a new generation of leaders to trigger an impetus in national development programs for the benefit of all Ugandans

Who we work with?

We are an inclusive platform, embracing heterogeneity/ diversity where all persons from different, spheres, affiliations believing in our common cause are welcome.

Our promise

Our promise is to build a Uganda that we all desire to live in. This is envisaged in our fist 5 points as highlighted below;

·         Democracy, rule of law and human rights

·         Agriculture revival, land and natural resource management

·         Health

·         Education

·         Peaceful power transfer, security and national reconciliation.