1.    Equitable and wider access to tertiary education

A move towards a free tertiary education for human capacity development for all to maintain or reduce tuition to affordable levels, involving stakeholders, through;

a) Stopping  resource wastage

b) Stopping of political expediency and exploitation by reducing cost of administration

c) Scrapping the biased statehouse sponsorship

d) Making tertiary education more equitable, while pushing for affirmative action for under privileged students like Suubi to give them Suubi (Hope), education that provides hope to all.

2.     Health

National quality (affordable) health services, including safer lifestyle and preventive health for all (NQHS). Insurance scheme, and other forms of health care financing can be explored to deliver for this aspect. Emphasis is made on health as a commodity or as a marketable service in the region with the goal of gradually developing health services model to international standards

3.     Natural resources can be

Natural resources for national development, environmental protection and planning for the future generations.