Ghetto Tv Uganda is a Digital online Media platform Covering Uganda politics and More. It is affiliated to the National Unity Platform- NUP & People Power Movement. Email: and website:


In 2017, a group of young youthful Ugandans all with backgrounds of Ghetto life (Grew up in Ugandan impoverished slums) but managed to acquire education and became journalists, were inspired by Musician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Stage name Bobi Wine) to start something that would contribute to the improvement of lives of people in the Ghettos of Uganda.

They reached out to Bobi Wine and shared the idea with him, he bought it right away and agreed to be their patron in founding Ghetto Tv Uganda. The Main Objective was to provide a channel through which the marginalized Ugandans who live in the Ghettos could pass their message to the authorities in demand for improved social-economic services.

Due to lack of ready resources to immediately established a fully-fledged television station, they decided to begin with an online platform in the same names which involved creating a Facebook page, and other accounts on several social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and WhatsApp.

In 2018, they proceeded and registered the company with Ugandan authorities as a business entity called Ghetto Media Limited under the Companies Act 2012 with a dream of carrying on all forms of media and publication business including but not limited to newspapers, both Print and online publications, Television, Documentary, Radio locally and internationally.

Later when Bobi Wine decided to Join politics by taking part and going ahead to win the Kyadondo East Constituency parliamentary seat, Ghetto Tv became part of his rallying points to mobilize young people in the Ghettos of Uganda to rise and fight poverty and make “The Ghetto a better place for every one” instead of thinking of migrating to the affluent communities.

Bobi Wine later declared that he would be running for presidency against president Museveni in the 2021 general elections co-founding the people power movement with other colleagues of his, the Ghetto Tv became one of his major channels of communication to the Ghetto Tv people to date.

The journalists who work on Ghetto Tv are professional and don’t take sides while covering the different political events, however they provide media space for every politician in the country who wishes to use the platform to send a message of leadership to other Ugandans.

Cyber Attack

On 9th August 2020, one of the online channels of Ghetto TV, the Facebook page was hacked into, it’s owners lost rightful administration and editing roles.

Ghetto Tv’s patron Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine was suspicious that it could have been a work of the Uganda government state operatives and in his statement about the hacking, he said: “CRIME ALERT: Regime operatives have tried so many times to capture my Facebook account and take hold of it, but they have not yet succeeded.

Today, the criminal regime has succeeded in hacking into, and taking hold of the Ghetto TV page. They have removed all administrators to the page and right now it’s under their control. A shameful, shameful regime. They are scared by the live broadcasts which Ghetto TV has been doing of all our activities. They talk of a scientific election, yet can’t even stand a Facebook page!

As our teams try to do everything to regain control of the page, ignore any propaganda that may be posted there.

The evidence is all over that the regime has never been as panicky as it is now. LET US JUST INCREASE THE PRESSURE AND THEY WILL BE NO MORE” And attached a screenshot of the first post raised on the page by those who had taken its control.

All efforts were made to regain Ghetto Tv on Facebook, a new page was launched by Bobi Wine and the journalists resumed their media work.

The Facebook page and other sister platforms continue to operate under the National Unity Platform Objectives, but still as a media platform for the Ghetto Dwellers in Uganda and elsewhere on the Globe.