Should we revive the Museum of Idi Amin?


  1. hazel
    July 10, 2020

    Yes, the muesum should be revived for besides growing the tourism industry, Idi Amin will be a reminder and more so an eye opener for us as ugandans that we need to rid ourselves of people that are milking us and our economy of all our resources due to their selfish interests, just like he did with the Asians.

  2. Jael Ceasar Kiwanuka
    July 13, 2020

    Yes, we should rebuild the Idi Idi Amin museum. He was a patriot, he really loved Uganda, and put Ugandans first. M7 on the other hand is abusing, killing stealing from Ugandans through corruption, snacks killing them. Amin was a good president, the west labelled him dictator because he refused to sell out his Ugandan people in favour of the white man, the west. M7 favors the west and other nations over Uganda. M7 is an Economic Hit Man (EHM), actually EHP, president, the worst president I have ever seen in Uganda.


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