NUP is a Political movement uniting People from all Political quotas and affiliations with the aim of bringing about a constitutional regime change that will re-establish people as the wheel of their own governance.

Contrary to what it seems like, the people do not live by license of the government but rather license government to govern them by their will, a slight migration of which is ground enough for withdraw of the same from such a rogue government and this is the sole reason to why the First Article of our Constitution declares unreservedly that:

(1) All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with this Constitution.

(2) Without limiting the effect of clause (1) of this article, all authority in the State emanates from the people of Uganda; and the people shall be governed through their will and consent.

By this declaration the Constitution establishes the principle of popular sovereignty as its very fulcrum and driving force. This comes after the declaration in the Preamble in which the People of Uganda declare that its by their authority and will that the Constitution was made and its by that same will that it will be binding to all.

The Constitution therefore agrees that So long as the Government fulfils the purpose of its mandate, the laws given by it are valid and binding but, when it ceases to fulfil it, then the laws and indeed its own authority would have no validity and the Government can be thrown out of power.

NUP  is therefore set to remind the People and the rulers a like that People should only be governed per their will and consent and that this will and consent are the foundation of the Social Contract between the People and their governors who in any case are in a position of mere trustees in which position the government guarantees the rights to “life, liberty and property” and all needs of the people as specified in the Constitution and in return the people guarantee their obedience.

We do not suggest that the people are never in the wrong. They have been so, frequently and outrageously, both in other countries and in this. But we do say, that in all disputes between them and their rulers, the presumption is at least in favour of the people.

When popular discontents have been very prevalent; it may well be affirmed and supported, that there has been generally something found amiss in the constitution, or in the conduct of Government for the people have no interest in disorder when they do wrong, it is their error, and not their crime. But for the State they may act ill by design, as they have done on a number of occasions.

We therefore think that the people who have taken such care that their laws should be the result of general consent, cannot be so senseless as to suffer their system to be composed of persons on whom they have no dependence, and whom no proofs of the public love and confidence have recommended to those powers as a result of which malgovernance surfaces and tyranny takes over.

Its against such conduct of government that we vehemently invite dissent and disapproval of all sorts for we are sure that it is the more comfortable speculation; because it is more easy to change an administration than to reform a people whenever the two can no longer agree.

The aim of the NUP and its crusaders is to devise Constitutional means of overthrowing the 33 year NRM Tyranny which has usurped the People’s sovereignty and continued to rule them in a manner both undesired and unbefitting with a sole purpose of replacing the same with a People Centred Government which respects the Social Contract between itself and Ugandans through a series of reforms and establishments as further explained here: