Our coordinators in Fort Portal have informed us of the arrest and detention of Lance Corporal Collins Tuhame Bigombe at Muhoti Barracks in Fort Portal. Apparently, his crime is identifying with the National Unity Platform and #PeoplePower.

We know that the vast majority of UPDF and Police Officers support our struggle to liberate our country. As we said in our previous message, these brothers and sisters have borne the brunt of bad governance. We therefore always encourage the soldiers and police officers who support us that they don’t need to come out now.

Therefore, it might have been a wrong sense of judgement for this comrade to openly identify with us, but I want to call out the double standards! On a daily basis, we have seen military officers and police officers supporting NRM openly, some to a point of wearing NRM t-shirts inside their army uniform. Yet, every soldier or police officer who even shows sympathy to the forces of change is hounded and charged with treason. This is unacceptable. We are struggling for fairness.

We are struggling so that, like in other countries, it will be easy for service persons to serve their country and retire with dignity after a few years so that those who wish to participate in politics have an opportunity to do so. The army and police should never be a prison.

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