Mr. Simon Mugyenyi Byabakama, if you can lie about such a matter, how do we trust you to organise a free, fair and credible election?

In June, you all recall that the same day we launched the National Unity Platform, General Museveni immediately sacked the Secretary to the Commission (Sam Rwakoojo), Jotham Taremwa (Spokesman) and others. We told the nation that we had gotten information that they were sacked precisely for sleeping on the job. “How did Bobi Wine get a political party under your watch?” their boss wondered. After all, they had used all efforts to block us from ever registering People Power. They did not stop there. The desperate regime lined up, one James Byamukama to try and challenge our leadership of NUP which effort is still ongoing and which effort will fail, just like the rest.

Of course, in order to clean up, they claimed that the officials were dismissed for corruption. When did Gen. Museveni start sacking corrupt officials?

But away from that, Byabakama quickly organised a press conference and claimed that the officials were not sacked but in fact had applied for early retirement! Now Gen. Museveni comes up again to say that he sacked them. What a circus! What a bunch of liars! You cannot be in charge of a country’s Electoral Commission when you have no iota of integrity!

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