Continued targeted attacks by the regime operatives intended to intimidate citizens with impunity


Last Sunday, members of the Fire Base Crew organised a reunion in Kamwokya.

In the middle of the reunion, NRM operative Olim Charles aka Sipapa together with two other armed plain clothed men drove in with Motor Vehicle No. UBE 229E and decided to park in the middle of the road, next to Chairman Nyanzi’s business place in Kamwokya.

The road users peacefully asked them to clear the way, but they responded by firing live bullets towards the unarmed, non-violent citizens! The assailants immediately jumped into their vehicle and sped off. Thankfully, their bullets didn’t get anyone- but hit walls of the building!

As an afterthought, Sipapa later claimed that his car had been pelted with stones, which prompted them to respond with bullets!

Unsurprisingly, the security agencies have not done anything to hold Mr. Sipapa and his accomplices accountable for their crimes!

It is shocking that the panicky regime is now deploying armed criminals in broad day light to terrorise and intimidate citizens with impunity! If anybody thinks that this will deter us from the cause of redeeming our country that we are deeply invested in, I have bad news for you: you will not succeed!

We shall and must continue to demand accountability for these wanton crimes against our people by the decadent, tired regime.

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