The continued targeted extra judicial killings of people in Uganda who identify themselves with people power by the security agencies.


We should have returned from Jinja very happy today on account of the massive support we received in every place we passed. Unfortunately, our joy was cut short when we watched with our eyes as a military truck yet again knocked dead our ardent supporter and comrade, Charles Mutyabule! Previously, the regime has frustrated efforts to get videos of these crimes out, but in this case, the murder of our brother was captured on camera. Mutyabule joins many of our supporters who have lost lives in extra-judicial killings by the state.

The Museveni regime has proven from time to time that it is ready to kill our people as if they are flies. What we can say is that a time will come when we shall get justice and accountability for all these atrocities. As we stand with the family of the deceased comrade, may we never tire to struggle until our country is free. Rest well soldier. Your blood is not shed in vain- we shall soldier on.

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