Meeting the people power coordination teams from Northern and western Uganda as well as welcoming comrades who have joined the Movement crossing the ruling party

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Today we continued with our efforts to ready ourselves for our mission to get our country rid of the dictatorship.

The Movement leadership addressed a press conference where we condemned the continuing brutality and murders of our people by security agencies.

We also received to the Movement, comrades who are joining us, having been dictator Museveni’s mobilisers in several districts of Uganda. I welcomed these comrades to the side of the people and charged them to understand that they have joined a struggle for freedom, and they will face the challenges and temptations that we have been facing. The people will be watching how they respond.

Finally, we also met with our coordination teams from various districts of Northern Uganda and Western Uganda. From the reports we are getting from all regions, the dictator should be very worried.

Our regional coordinators from northern and western Uganda

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  1. Ongo Ronald
    July 10, 2020

    Our votes matters . We are for our power. From Kole we are ready


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