Attending the funeral service of Brigadier Bell Jackson in Ggaba


This morning, we attended the funeral service of Brigadier Bell Jackson in Ggaba. Afande Bell was one of the young men who followed President Museveni to the bush, ostensibly to fight for freedom and democracy. He was also an elder brother to comrade Katana Benjamin, who heads the legal team of the People Power Movement.

We celebrate this gallant Ugandan because he was not shy to speak out when his bosses veered off course. We celebrate elders like these because they genuinely fought for democracy, even when their dreams were betrayed by President Museveni and a small clique of people. Afande Bell was also a sportsman. He co-founded Victor’s FC and promoted talent.

Finally I sent a message of appreciation to UPDF for giving Brig. Bell a befitting send off. Soldiers in many countries are given too much respect by all citizens. They do not line up for services in public places and you will often see people standing up and giving them seats. That is what our national army should be- only if they become a true national army in word and action.

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

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