Inhumane Acts on Elegu Women By LDUs- Robert Kyagulanyi Speaks out


It is mind boggling how the police and the paramilitary outfit LDU are using the Coronavirus crisis to satisfy their hunger for violence. One needs to investigate what transpires during training sessions of these people. Are they trained to seek pleasure in seeing others suffer? Eye witnesses in Elegu said these women were dragged out of their houses, forced to roll in mad, and others forced to smear mud in their private parts as officers stood by, laughing and enjoying the ordeal. It is upon such a background that we are in this struggle day and night.

That aside, the leadership of Women in People Power that many people wanted to contribute to our food relief effort but wanted to verify which names the mobile money number is registered are hereby answered. We would like a to affirm that the official contact on which contributed can be made is 0703636363, registered in the names of Daniel Oyerwot. The movement of People Power would like to thank all those who have generously contributed towards the cause.

We implore each one to reach out. Several elderly persons, PWDs, families of lost comrades and other needy people have had a smile on their face, courtesy of that support. God bless you

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