People Power Intentions To Distribute Food Relief To Ministry of Health National Task Force


Friends, as indicated yesterday we shall be donating food relief to some poor and vulnerable people in Uganda through different ways. We are already using boda boda deliveries and many people have been reached. Secondly, we have decided to deliver some of the food relief through the National Taskforce instituted by the Ministry of Health. Our hope is that the Taskforce will go across the country and urgently run to the aid of our starving population in all corners of the country.In the meantime, let us all continue to observe social distance, stay at home if you can, and follow other precautions as advised by experts. I thank all of you who have made donations to this cause. The leadership of #WomenInPeoplePower who are coordinating this activity just briefed me that the response has been overwhelming. We also hope that the Taskforce will do its work transparently and not give in to corrupt tendencies that have riddled such activities in the past. Aluta continua

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